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Lee Dollar is a veteran Hollywood entertainment executive and producer.  For years, he’s served filmmakers & artists in a number of key development, production, and marketing roles on more than 100 feature films and over 2500 hours of television & digital programming.  He has helped bring to life the visions of countless Academy- and Emmy-Award winning writers, directors, actors & showrunners, while maintaining a passion for discovering new voices. 

Mr. Dollar played a key role in the production and marketing of film franchises such as Spider-man, Men in Black, Stuart Little, The Da Vinci Code, and Charlie’s Angels around the world, earning over $5 Billion.  Earlier he was integrally involved in the creative development of both award-winning & critically-acclaimed films The Firm, Searching for Bobby Fischer, and Father of the Bride.  He was also a key executive in the start-up & operation of cable TV & digital network Reelzchannel, now a Top 40 network in the U.S. in 70 Million households, which launched the careers of a new generation of on-air talent.  Mr. Dollar served as an executive at both Turner Broadcasting and Sony Pictures, where he rose through the ranks to lead the Global Promotions team instrumental in moving the company from last place to #1 in box office the next 5 years.  His first production role was running the office of legendary producer Scott Rudin on the Paramount hit, The Addams Family (along with nine other features including Sister Act), after beginning his career in script  development at Sandy Gallin & Dolly Parton’s Sandollar Film & Television.

Dollar’s current role is leading creative development & looking for new talent as Head of Production at RSA Entertainment, a leading management firm in Burbank. Known for being genuine, collaborative, and inclusive, Lee’s mission is bringing good stories to life.  According to him, “Is there anything better than working on a script for years, then being there on set when they call “Action!” on the very first shot. I believe all voices have a place.  Reach out and share yours.”

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