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Daisy Girl arrived at the Burbank Animal Shelter as a stray in September of 2020. She was scared, in pain and in need of much love. Her ears had been fly bitten so badly that the tops were gone. The Shelter’s medical team treated her ears and they have been healing nicely ever since. It seems obvious that she was kept in a yard and not taken care of properly. She has some arthritis in her left hip that can be managed by a pain reducer/anti-inflammatory pill prescribed by a veterinarian. Please be sure that this is in your budget if interested in adopting her.

Daisy is sweet and affectionate and is very active. She will need a home that is patient, train her and where she is treated like one of the family. Potential adopters should be experienced with the size and breed. It is unsure how she is with other dogs, a meet and greet is a must with other dogs in the household. Daisy Girl is a barker, but no doubt she would be better once she was let in and made part of the family.

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