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Muska was relinquished by her senior owners because she wakes them up at night :(
Muska has been described by the kennel staff that work with her daily, as "a grumpy old lady who is super sweet some days, but other days she just wants to be left alone". Muska enjoys being pet until she has had enough, she likes her belongings in particular order and she does not enjoy be picked up.

If you are a cat person, you can relate to Muska and how she must feel, being left at the shelter after 10 years. She will need to go to an experienced home only and to an adult home with no children under 12. She will need to be kept indoors as this is all she is use to and she should be the only pet in the household. She has never lived with another animal.

Muska is also on thyroid medication that she will need to take for the rest of her life. The medication is easy to give.

If you are interested and fit her needs, please submit an application and make an appointment to meet her.

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